Client Maintenance

Protect Your Legacy with Annual Membership

Life plans change. Finances change. Healthcare needs change. With a Maintenance Program, we can make those changes with you. Whether you need assistance with updating your documents, funding your trust to prevent probate, or guidance on life’s unexpected turns as you age, we are committed to keeping our clients informed and assisting them to plan ahead. A Maintenance Program is a wise and cost-effective way to prepare

All of our services offered are FREE:

Annual Review of Your Estate Plan

From time to time, your documents will need to be updated or modified. These updates are advised when changes to the law, your health, family, or financial situation occur. We will discuss needed changes at this complimentary annual review.

Word-Processing Changes to Document

Word-processing amendments are included at no additional fee to Maintenance Program clients. These changes include updates to names, the order of agents, and minor changes to asset distributions.

Guidance in Funding Your Trust

Funding your trust can be tedious. Many people need guidance to understand how to do so properly. As a maintenance plan client, we are available to guide you and offer a discounted hourly service if you wish to have us complete this process with you.

Notary Services

All notary services are complimentary for maintenance plan clients.

Consult With Your Family Upon Death

Losing a loved one is hard enough without the additional stress of navigating what’s next in the probate or trust administration process. Maintenance Program families will be given free consultation to discuss services and what to expect when you pass away.

Eligibility into the Maintenance Plus Program

Clients who choose this enhanced program will receive all of the above amenities, PLUS hands-on assistance in funding their trust. Our team will assist in initial funding as well as funding any additional assets acquired while on the program. We will do the work for you!