Veterans who have served our country deserve to be rewarded for their service and cared for in the years after. This is why benefits awarded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are so crucial to so many. The VA may award benefits directly to veterans or to spouses and dependents. Regardless of what kind of benefits you are receiving, you likely want to ensure that nothing will interrupt them.

According to the Washington Times, the VA mistakenly canceled benefits for thousands of veterans and their families. Errors such as this one make it necessary that you know why benefits may be stopped and what to do if yours are. Consider the following three reasons why the VA may cancel your benefits.

  1. Clear and unmistakable error

If the VA awards benefits as a result of a clear and unmistakable error, the discovery of this error would trigger the cancellation of any benefits you were receiving. Such errors are typically quite rare, but when they happen, it can be a complex situation. The VA might mistakenly award benefits to the wrong person, for example, at which point the agency would revoke the benefits.

  1. Discovery of a fraudulent claim

Any benefits that the VA has awarded on the basis of a fraudulent claim will, of course, be subject to cancellation. There are many factors that might constitute fraud, but one of the most common is falsely claiming injury or disability as a result of service. A fraudulent claim might also include claiming nonexistent dependents or simply exaggerating one’s disability.

  1. Discharge disqualifications

There are some types of discharge that may disqualify you from receiving VA benefits. If you received a dishonorable discharge or your discharge is under investigation, you may be ineligible to receive benefits, and the VA may cancel them. Any dishonorable discharge conditions will prohibit you from receiving VA benefits of any kind—including payments and home loans.

Errors occur. In these moments you’ll be thankful you’re working with a VA-accredited lawyer. Amy B. Van Fossen will ensure you and your family have access to knowledgeable, reliable advice that will help protect your assets — not squander them.