Elder Law

Holistic Guidance from an Experienced Elder Law Attorney

At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., in Melbourne, Florida, we understand how deeply personal elder law planning matters are for our clients. Our law firm is devoted to welcoming clients into a comfortable environment to discuss elder care planning concerns. Our goal is to help seniors remain independent for as long as possible, while meticulously protecting assets and creating a long-term plan to maintain a rich quality of life and obtain the best care that our clients are entitled to receive throughout their senior years.
We can assist you with advance planning to give you peace of mind that your long-term care needs are properly addressed. Our goal is to help you maximize your resources to help you obtain the best care possible. Our experienced elder care lawyer has substantial experience in both advance planning and crisis planning situations. She is also VA-accredited and is passionate about helping veterans and their spouses obtain VA benefits.

Full-Service Counsel and Advice for Seniors and Their Families

Asset Protection

Many people are concerned about protecting assets for the long-term protection of spouses and family members. We fully analyze family dynamics, finances and the individual health care needs of clients to provide strategic guidance to preserve family resources.

Long-Term Care Planning

Medicaid is not always the best answer for seniors to provide for long-term care needs. We view long-term care matters from a global perspective to help families understand all of their options.

Caregiver Agreements

Drafting a valid personal care agreement is critical in the realm VA planning, as well as in the context of Medicaid benefits planning. We have detailed knowledge of the law the differences and similarities of Medicaid and VA Aid and Assistance programs to ensure that your interests are protected. Learn more at one of our Medicaid Benefits Seminars.

Civil Litigation

Let us help you navigate the court Florida system.

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. Proving fault or negligence and demonstrating the extent of damages or injury can be a challenge. Effective legal counseling affords clients the opportunity to make more informed decisions on whether to litigate or settle disputes; and, if litigated, how to properly prepare the case for trial. But more importantly, the attorneys at The Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A. strives to help you avoid costly litigation in the future with proper planning now! Learn more about our litigation services.

Silver Divorce

Florida is the number one state for retirement. Naturally, it has an increase in the number of legal needs unique to the senior population. Elder law is a large legal umbrella covering many fields of law with a focus on planning for the legal needs of individuals in their later years. Some of these legal needs include divorce.