One of the major issues adults need to consider is how to manage healthcare choices and costs during the golden years. There are a lot of information and requirements to navigate, particularly with the government option of Medicaid. If you are wondering how an attorney can help with Medicaid planning in Florida, our team knows why it is important to focus on Medicaid planning. We’ll help you find the best way to go about this important application process.

What is Medicaid?

To begin, it is important to know that while Medicaid and Medicare sound similar, they are very different government assistance programs. Medicaid, the focus of this information, operates jointly with the federal government and the state to assist with medical costs. These benefits are based on income limits and follow general rules that all states must follow. However, each state also runs its own program, meaning that coverage requirements for people with Florida Medicaid may differ from other states.

Why Engage in Medicaid Planning?

Because there are specific eligibility requirements and income limits associated with Medicaid, it can be helpful to get assistance with Medicaid planning. This type of planning is anything that helps someone prepare for their Medicaid application so that they are best equipped to make the process smooth and acquire the decision and acceptance they need for their medical coverage. This may include:

  • Collection and preparation of documents

  • Restructuring an applicant’s financial resources

  • Evaluating someone’s monthly income or resources

  • Creation of Income Trusts, Miller trusts, Irrevocable Funeral Trust, or Pooled Income Trust to meet eligibility criteria

  • Help to navigate difficult situations such as the division of income and assets when one spouse is living independently and the other needs home health, long-term care, or nursing home care

Why Use an Elder Care Attorney to Help with Medicaid Planning?

In addition to the reasons to engage in Medicaid planning listed above, an elder care attorney can have especially strong planning strategies for a successful application because:

  • You can establish a working relationship early, establishing a plan for long-term care or nursing home care before it is needed to avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.

  • Elder care attorneys are experts in the financial, medical care, and estate planning needs of older adults. And, as attorneys are licensed by the state, our attorneys are uniquely aware of the eligibility rules for Florida Medicaid.

  • An experienced elder care attorney can help you adjust your Medicaid plan as needed as your family, health, or estate needs or assets change over time.

  • The laws around Medicaid, both federally and in Florida, can change over time. An attorney can be your expert in navigating these changes.

As you or your loved one ages, you want to be able to enjoy those precious years together, not spend them worrying or navigating the complicated nature of Medicaid planning, health care, or nursing home costs. From learning about and preparing the documents you need to restructure your financial assets, let us help you identify your best strategy for a successful Medicaid application in Florida. Contact our experienced elder care attorneys today.